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Taran J Kootenhayoo

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What it’s like to be native…

the first-growth of effervescent plant-life, nor stomped-on,

nor recreated.

grown by evaporated waters

battling to make it through the clouds elaborate creation,

while the Sun & Moon

pierce through

the thickest

of dark.

Ancestral blood-lines buried in grave yards



buildings, might know what it feels like to be native.

buried 12-feet underground,

because deep down,

they are good people.

…what it is like to be native.

glow-in-the-dark sea creatures

—surviving through instinct—

complacently aimless.

if you want to know what it is like to be native,

imagine having your own house invaded.

no balaclava men,

no burning torches,

just gifted blankets with enough small-pox

to wipe-out an entire generation of soldiers.

piled on top one another like stacks

and stacks of pollutants polluting;

diluting our children’s future

knowledge of what it was like to be native.